JP wakes up at 5:30AM every morning and by 6:30AM he should already be leaving the house. Too early huh? When I ask him about this, he will always say that he doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic. Even if he goes home really late the previous night, he will be in the office around 7:30-7:40AM! -_-

This morning, due to boredom (:P) he took a series of photos (very vain indeed :P) that are funny, weird, and a real proof that sometimes we can do “creative” things when bored.

Here are the photos:

Batch 1: Inspired by I Am Number Four

He took a few more photos but I just want to share my favorite. Sorry for the “cheesy-ness” πŸ˜›

Ang chubby na ni JP!!! πŸ˜€



Headband Girls (in an instax)

After a shoot for our one of our Freezine titles, funny biatch (and HIP’s fashion stylist) RJ, encouraged us to try some of the headbands they featured. Β The Custom Girls (LL, Aiam, Mara and yours truly) gamely posed for this cute picture πŸ™‚

LL, me, Aiam, and Mara πŸ™‚

I seriously want my own camera!!! πŸ™‚

I just love good, happy times πŸ™‚




While deleting old e-mails on Gmail, I stumbled upon this photo. Hahaha!


πŸ™‚ Taken last November 26, 2008 at the F&B room. (Same day we watched Twilight at G4) πŸ˜›

Three things:

1. JP is sooo thin here (plus he looks gay-ish :P)

2. I’m not yet that chubby here and my hair is different

3. I am wearing my ID! (LOL)

–> It’s really amazing how fast time flies. Here’s to more stories, memories, petty quarrels and of course —

LRT Station, 2010

Long walks and travel adventures πŸ™‚


Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Love

I was born in a family where Diabetes and Hypertension are enemies.Β  Just recently, my Mom imposed a strict diet rule because Ced (13 years old) and Carl (20 years old) plus Dad have high blood pressures. I’m not off the hook that easy because not a day passes by without my Mom telling me that I should reduce and go on diet.

Believe me when I tell you that I would really love to shed off my excess pounds (not just for health reasons but insecurity attacks as well). Who would not want to look slim for once? I guess I just want to say that I have my own way of dealing with the weight issue myself. My willpower has managed to stay away from chips (occasionally) and my love for Coke was replaced with a love for Mountain Dew (still softdrinks but I only drink when JP eats dinner at home).

Recently, I made a new discovery! I’ve always liked eating Cinnamon because it’s a favorite of my Dad’s but two weeks ago, I met Cinnabon! (yes loser me!) It was such a yummy experience πŸ™‚

Aside from this sweet delight, hot chocolate is next on my list. 7-11 sells Hershey’s Hot Choco which makes me feel so happppyyy πŸ˜›

These two will definitely make it harder to eat less 😦


Oh well, we must all take time to enjoy the treats life offers! πŸ˜›

More Cinnamon and Hot Choco in the future! πŸ˜€

One of those weekends

This weekend was not mine. It was owned by work and stress 😦

Much as I would love to relax, rest and read a good book, work caught up with me. On a happier note, I still found the time to enjoy, thanks to a family gathering at Mama Nor’s place followed by attending Matt’s (Ate Cha’s baby boy) 7th birthday. Reuniting with Ate Cha and Chammy feels really good though we missed the presence of Jane, who didn’t make it to the kiddie party due to an extended M.A. class.

Today is way better πŸ™‚ Because it’s Sunday, I call it a Sun-date πŸ™‚ Had quality time with JP and we watched The Adjustment Bureau. It was super niceeee πŸ˜€ And most of all, Emily Blunt is pure eyecandy.

Here’s hoping and praying for a better week ahead.