Nothing personal, just work.

The last few months of 2012 went by like a blur. Deadlines, JOs, changes, different kinds of people: surely last year ended with a bang!

As mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve decided to rejoin my first company to pursue what I really want to do in my life (for now) which is Publishing. The first month was very challenging — given the new team I found myself in. I can’t help but miss the people I used to work with from 2008-2010. Though, SOME of them are nice and friendly, you really can’t avoid people with an attitude you just can’t take.

As with any other organization, teamwork is key. And seriously, you cannot work well with a team if you think you are above everyone else. I hope this person will realize her mistakes and change for the better. It will benefit her in the long run.

As for the other person, please don’t take it personally. I’ve tried my best to protect you, cover up your shortcomings — but I can only do so much. At the end of the day, I’m all about work and it’s nothing personal. So I hope you realize that you brought this consequence upon yourself. 

Ah, office life is made more colorful by these beings!


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