If only I have something similar…

to this little piece of heaven… maybe I won’t go to work anymore or deal with “unlikable” people.

Here’s to a restful reading weekend πŸ™‚


The music that cheers me up when I’m feeling down

There’s really nothing specific. Sometimes it depends on how low I’m feeling or what genre I want as a pick-me-up.

So for this topic, I’m giving my Top 5 and reasons why I chose them:

1. Smile by Uncle Kracker – this song reminds me of JP and yes, it never fails to make me smile.

2. Sing by My Chemical Romance – I learned about this song because of Glee. It makes you feel empowered and strong.

3. Just Like Heaven by the Cure – just because it is one of my all-time favorites

4. Any U2 Song – the sound of Bono’s voice is priceless

5. Bonamana by Super Junior – yes yes. It’s Korean!!! Lately, when I feel down because of work, I will simply play this song and feel like I want to dance πŸ˜›

May it be Korean, Emo, Rock or Pop, any type of music has its own way of making you feel better and light. Most especially when all you want to do is drown the noise of your surroundings or simply ignore the negativity that’s out there πŸ™‚

Something to inspire…

It’s been a while since my last post. I have to admit that it feels kinda sad not being able to fulfill my post a day pledge. A lot of things have been happening at work and my mood swings seem to be in “full swing” (pun intended).

While I was surfing the internet for some inspiration (a break from all the writing actually) – I found these two inspiring images at We Heart It.

“This is your Life, Do what you love and do it often”

“Stop over analyzing”

Ward off those negativity!

The Beginning

“Hurry up! Or we won’t get a cab home!”, I yelled.

Ignoring my sense of urgency, he just sat there unmoving. Eyes closed then a deep, heavy sigh, “Come here”, he whispered.

“What now? It’s getting late and we have to get home”, I annoyingly stated.

“Just come here”, he insisted.

Sitting side by side at the foot of the stairs, maybe we both knew that we won’t be the same way again.

“Close your eyes”, he said softly.

Seeing my hesitation, he muttered “just do it”.

The second I did, I suddenly felt his soft lips pressed against mine. From that moment on, right then and there, I knew my world will turn upside down.

Running out of words

After 10 hours of working, I’m shutting down my word factory (to borrow the phrase made famous by my Managing Editor) tonight. After two Job Orders on Advertorials and two write-ups for Cebu restaurants that I didn’t even visit personally – I’m done for the day. On a competitive point of view, I need more practice.


Time to refuel my brain cells so I have to go home and read. (Still reading – Empress Orchid by Anchee Min <a gift from JP>)


Tomorrow is another day to write and be creative,  plus I get to eat lots of shrimp because of Food Trip. So much for dieting 😦