Tracy|Tish|Tracey|Tishi Fishi

When Tracy arrived at Hinge Inquirer Publications, we weren’t instant friends – for a good number of reasons:

1. She calls the pest “Ate”

2. Her work station is far from mine

3. We just didn’t jive at first

If I remember it right, I even find her nickname funny – “Tish” (she’s not aware of this, ILY, TRACEY ๐Ÿ˜› )

Then one day we just talked (actually she just comforted a silly me) and became friends.

Tracy is crazy, weird, and funny. We share secrets – she knows the skeletons in my closet and I know hers too. I do believe that she’s the kind of friend who wouldn’t stab my back, rant about me with other people or say mean things about me – like what some “friends” do.

I can trust her with everything and I’m sure she won’t judge me. Tracy will definitely hit my head if she thinks I’m up to no good.

Even if she works for a different company now and we seldom see each other – I know that I can just chat her or text her if I need some enlightenment – even if she’s busy fangirling and daydreaming about her soon-to-be husband, LSG.

O ayan, tapos na! I love you, Tracy! Thanks for the genuine friendship! ๐Ÿ™‚


Long overdue meet up at SM MOA


Just a Dream

I made a spur of the moment poem because of / for YOU. Zero chances for you to read this or stumble upon this blog. In any case… here it goes ๐Ÿ˜›

Just a Dream

We basked in the sunlight

You gently held my hand

We slowly walked forward and the feeling is so right

You were about to say something

Then I found myself staring at my bedroom’s ceiling

Realizing I was only dreaming

You are so far away

I know that a chance to be with you

will never come my way

I shall be looking forward to each night

to finally have you by my side

even if it’s only just a dream, I wish with all my might.

-CAC, 100411