been a while

It’s been a while since my last entry 😦

I miss my blog. I faced work avalanche this week >> the reason why I wasn’t able to update. Good thing Quel reminded me to post a new entry.

Anyway, a lot of things have been going on. I just feel steady and happy that I want to harness all the positivity within and share it with loved-ones πŸ™‚

Would love to post pictures soon when I have more time. Two celebrations happened – our third monthsary and Ced’s third over-all honors (I’m such a proud ate :P).

Hello Weekend!!! πŸ˜€


half lengthwise paper and me

I have a pen, a small piece of paper and numerous thoughts. And these thoughts include:

1. How irritated I am with “committed flirts”

2. How Fita Crackers remind me of childhood days

3. How short my hair is after my hair cut last night

4. What will I tell Neil Gaiman when we’re finally face to face

5. How such a dread the coming weeks are going to be (but thanks to the people and simple gestures that keep me sane)

6. How people put smiles on their faces when deep inside they are screaming, angry, annoyed and pissed

7. How I want to tell someone that I don’t agree with what he’s doing

8. The thoughts and stories of the people I ride with in the jeepney every morning

9. I want to tell her that she’s a big liar, how much pain she has caused, how irritating it feels to know that in the eyes of others she was the victim, she was the one who did the right thing from the start

10. How excited I am to see Neil Gaiman, have my books signed and treasure that moment forever.


How fast time flies. It’s another week and challenges await each one of us. Looking back at the past week – it was a good one. Apart from minor arguments and work issues, it was fun and I’m happy.

I guess you just have to raise your happiness so high that no sadness can reach it nor insecurities to break it. I’m so content that my heart could burst.

A list of what I’ve learned last week:

Monday: People pretend to be someone they’re not just to be accepted (I’m so reminded of an officemate. Or should I say former?)

Tuesday: Things are made easier when we’re together (unity, people! haha! I just enjoyed finishing Ced’s project with JP. We also get to bond at home with my brothers.)

Wednesday: Trust (I got a quote from Quel via Anne Curtis’ twitter which says: Letting go isn’t a one time thing. It’s something you do everyday, over and over again. -Dawson’s Creek <from ihatequotes> True. Especially when we’re so scarred by something… I admit to still have my fears and insecurities. But it’s an everyday thing. We learn and accept everyday. I’m learning to love myself more, be comfortable and more confident πŸ™‚

Thursday: When you make a decision, there should be no regrets – From Ms. Lianne (I guess when you’ve started a path there’s just no looking back. We all have to face the consequences of our actions and stand by our decisions. As what Ms. Janet told me, life is too short to think about what could have been and what ifs.)

Friday: Keeping Happiness (I just feel lucky and contented! I just had one of the best weekends of my life πŸ™‚ What’s the use of thinking about negativity when you have a bunch of things to be thankful for and positivity to nourish?)

Saturday: The gift of Surprises (Priceless smiles that money cannot buy like surprise house visits are heaven!)

Sunday: Misunderstandings that help us learn (There are opportunities to say sorry, ask for forgiveness and talk about what’s wrong to set things straight :))

How’s your week? Hope you had a great, fun-filled one full of learning!

Have a great week ahead! πŸ™‚

On Project 52

Quel suggested that I join Project 52 – a project that encourages bloggers to write at least one entry every week for the whole year. What a great way of helping bloggers maintain their blog, don’t you agree?

Anyway, I promised Quel that we will both join (well she needs someone to push her into making an entry every week!). It’s a great idea because I get to look forward writing stuff for my blog (according to Quel, something worth reading, even everyday musings count! :))

I just hope to make good entries for this.

Exciting! πŸ˜›

For some strange reason

For some strange reason, I feel less productive each day. Don’t get me wrong. I always look forward to the stuff I need to accomplish everyday. Take for example – this morning. I’m so excited to do the interview with the Proctor and Gamble President but it didn’t push through. Momentum was lost.

For some strange reason, I don’t feel like doing the things I’m supposed to be doing.

For some strange reason, I feel like losing my enthusiasm about work.

And for some strange reason, my hair doesn’t feel like a rebonded hair should feel – weird I know.

For some strange reason, this entry is strange.